Nelson Primary School

Together We Shine



Miss  L Begum



I like ……

  • Reading books at the end of the day
  • Colouring/word searches
  • Singing songs and dancing
  • Playing interactive games
  • Giving lots of rewards (stickers, prizes, iPad time)
  • Keeping the classroom clean
  • Most importantly smile, laugh and have fun!



Other adults who may support you:

Teaching Assistant: Miss Gardner

Intervention teachers: Miss Chand and Mrs 0


The classroom 

  • We have a library where you can pick a book out to take home and swap it every week. This area can be used during Golden Time and during wet play. Please keep this tidy!
  • We have monitors to complete jobs every week. You will all have the chance to be a monitor at some point.
  • Each table will have their own pencil pot where you will have your pencils, rulers, purple polishers and crayons.
  • By the door, you will put your homework/learning log in one box and your reading book in another box.
  • Your classroom will always be neat and tidy and we all need to look after it!


Some of the things we may do in our class:

  • Stickers/prizes for praise and hard work.
  • We have a toilet pass, so only one boy or girl can go to the toilet at a time.
  • We have table points; each half term a table will get the chance to win some prizes.
  • When it is someone’s birthday, he/she will receive a card and a prize. The whole class will sing and celebrate your birthday with you.
  • We will do lots of learning, some challenges and experiments but have fun while we learn!