Nelson Primary School

Together We Shine


Your new class teacher this year is Miss Khalid.






Miss Khalid is your class teacher. She enjoys singing songs (especially from musicals!) going on hikes and riding her bike! You’ll often see Miss Khalid being accompanied by the class puppets, Mordecai, Richard Amos and Monsieur McVert. They like to help in

the class. Can you guess who is who?



Other adults who may support you ….


Mrs Sidhu:



Mrs Sidhu loves art! Mrs Sidhu will be in class with Miss Khalid on Monday and Tuesday! Did you know Mrs Sidhu has climbed the Himalayas (and lived there for 3 days! Isn’t that amazing!) Mrs Sidhu’s favourite snack is a samosa and a Pespi max. You may have seen her at the summer fair selling them by the box!  She loves to dance especially to Bhangra!


Mr Garner:



Mr Garner is your class Teaching Assistant. He will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mr Garner loves being active. He enjoys running and climbing (CLIMBIMG ROCKS)! When he is not looking after Blake (his son), to relax he likes reading books and doing a bit of art with oil pastels.



What will 3TK’s classroom look like?

  • We have a reading corner where you can choose a book to take home and swap it every week.
  • Our carpet is red and our chairs are purple! When you walk into our class you’ll see colourful displays and maybe even drawings on the window!
  • Normally we sit in table groups! I hope you like surprises as we have table points. The table that has the most points at the end of term get a mystery surprise! In the past we have had an ice cream party, mystery prize, an ipad party and a toy party for the winning table!
  • You will have your pegs in the corridor where you will hang up your bags and coats and you will have your own tray where you can put loose worksheets!

At the end of the week, Mr Garner and Miss Khalid each choose one child who has been green all week and has impressed them with their learning, to have the privilege card This means that they can get an item from the prize box and can be a class helper!


Some of the things we may do in our class/ what will we be learning next year: 

  • In year 3 you have the choice to purchase toast and juice to have at break time.  It costs £2 for the week.
  • This year Miss Khalid will be teaching you French (With the help of Monsieur McVert).
  • We have class monitors- who help hand out books, equipment, collect the toast and complete the travel tracker.