Nelson Primary School

Together We Shine


Your new teachers this year are :


Miss Chambers:



“…I really enjoy reading different types of books, listening to different types of music, laughing…lots and lots of laughing, dancing to my own beat, keeping our classroom nice and tidy, playing games to help our learning and my Disney character is Moana…”


Mr Hargreaves:



“...I love sport, especially boxing and football! I have a dog named Dexter and love to go on long walks. I am currently learning how to play electric guitar (badly!) and like going to as many concerts as possible. I really enjoy teaching English and Topic. We are really looking forward to the new school year with Year 6! …”


Other adults who may support you:

Miss Johal


This is what your new classroom looks like:

Our classroom will ALWAYS be neat and tidy. This is what it looks like now BUT it will look a lot different in September!





Some of the things we may do in our class:

  • You will be able to use our inviting beautiful and relaxing library area, where you will be able to read comfortably and dive into different adventures. 
  • If you are able to follow our classroom rules and complete amazing work, you will have the opportunity to be the star of the week and choose from of special prize box.
  • You will be put into class teams and have the opportunity to win team of the month to retrieve a little treat – who knows we are full of surprises in 6CH!  
  • You will have the opportunity to take part in writing challenges and win great prizes.
  • You will have the opportunity to be a class monitor by completing our class jobs - this will change every half term.


Year 6 will no doubt be your best year at Nelson! There is just so many things to look forward to such as trips, productions, games and SATs! Not only do we take our work in school seriously, but we also take home learning very seriously, and this will be checked every week along with homework. All the year 6 teachers are here to help and give you all the support you will need throughout the year.  


In 6CH we are a family, and we always try our very best and approach things with a positive attitude. We enjoy working as team, but we take responsibility for our own actions. We make sure we uphold and follow the Nelson’s Diamond Rules and our classroom rules. We always listen to each other and are there to lend a helping hand.


We will complete English, Maths and Guided Reading lessons every day but don’t worry, there will also be Science experiments, Art and D&T projects, Topic and PSHE lessons throughout the week to keep you entertained. You will also have spellings to learn on a weekly basis and if you become a spelling champion, you will get a reward at the end of term.


It will be challenging, but fun year!