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Black History Competition- Where we all come from 2021

There was such an amazing response to our competition this year, with so many of you pinning where your families come from on our world map padlet.  Due to the large number of families participating we decided not to hand out raffle tickets, instead every child that participated had their name added to a wheel of names which was spun digitally using  a website called  I am happy to announce our winners and runners up.





First Prize

2KWChocolates and a special Royal Mint special edition coin- "Respect and Recognition" Diversity built Britain.


Second Prize

4CCChocolates and a special Royal Mint special edition coin- "Respect and Recognition" Diversity built Britain
Cairo1KBBLM Band and chocolates.
Taeson1KLBLM Band and chocolates.
Mundir6CHBLM Band and chocolates.
Sofia K5SHBLM Band
MaryamaF1JRBLM Band
Zain2KWBLM Band
Muhammad 5SHBLM Band
Wael2LBBLM Band
Yasin5HRBLM Band
FaredaF2CBBLM Band
GoptriF2SKBLM Band
Jan2KWBLM Band
Kassim5HRBLM Band
Riyaan3DDBLM Band
Mehreen S3DDBLM Band
Nainika2KWBLM Band
Mama1KLBLM Band
Aiden4CCBLM Band
Shanice4MSBLM Band
Salma 5SHBLM Band
Vivian3TKBLM Band
Niah H3TKBLM Band


Prizes will be handed out by the end of this week.


Thankyou to everyone who took part. We will be keeping the padlet on the school website so that new children can continue to add their stories of where they come from, and share it with the school community. 


The Original Padlet Link