Nelson Primary School

Together We Shine

Nelson Art Intent

Our unique art curriculum is designed to foster responsible and active citizens while promoting high academic and social standards. Through the medium of art, we aim to enhance our students' knowledge of different cultures, develop empathy towards artistic intent, and empower them to express their creativity.



In our art lessons, we take students on a journey through time and across geographical contexts, exploring how art reflects and shapes history and culture in Britain and the wider world. Our goal is to help children develop a deeper understanding of the time, place, and culture in which artworks were created and how artists communicate their ideas through their work. By appreciating and analysing art, students gain valuable insights into the diverse perspectives and experiences of others.


Through practical implementation, our young artists acquire and master technical skills, learning various artistic techniques and processes. By building upon their previous learning, children develop a strong foundation in art, enabling them to express their responses to ideas and experiences through the creation of their own art pieces.



The curriculum emphasises the importance of subject-specific vocabulary, enabling children to discuss and interpret artworks on a deeper level. Through classroom discussions and exposure to the "greater art world," students become active participants in the art community. By developing critical thinking and analytical skills, they learn to discern and respond thoughtfully to their own work and that of others, fostering growth as artists.


Located in the cultural heart of the city, Nelson Primary School benefits from its proximity to the Birmingham Art Gallery museum. This invaluable resource allows our students to experience high-quality art firsthand, gaining a deeper understanding of how history and geography have influenced artistic creations. Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for students to explore a variety of artworks, fostering empathy and helping them contextualise their place in the world and the evolving human experience.


Art provides a platform for our children to express themselves, develop cultural understanding, and refine their artistic skills. By nurturing creativity, encouraging exploration, and facilitating a deeper appreciation for art, we empower our students to become well-rounded individuals with a keen eye for beauty and a strong sense of their own artistic voice.