Nelson Primary School

Together We Shine

Nelson Music Intent

At Nelson Primary School, we are passionate about sharing our love of music with our students. Music is a fundamental aspect of learning and personal growth, enabling students to express themselves, imagine new possibilities, and foster creativity.


Our comprehensive music curriculum begins in Early Years and continues through to Year 6, providing our students with a solid foundation in music and the opportunity to develop their musical abilities. We recognize the importance of exposing our students to diverse types of music from around the world, as it helps them to appreciate the beauty and variety of different musical forms.



Beyond the classroom, we collaborate with local organizations such as the Town Hall, Symphony Hall, CBSO, Repertory and Crescent Theatre, and the Music Service to bring musical experiences to our students. Our students are taken on special trips to Symphony Hall, where they can witness exceptional music performances. Additionally, we host a unique event called The Generation Ladywood Showcase, where students can display their musical talents to their family and friends.


At Nelson Primary School, we believe that music education is an essential part of building responsible and engaged citizens. We aspire to inspire our students, encourage their creativity, and instill a lifelong love of music in them. Join us as we embark on a journey of making beautiful music together!