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16th November 2023

The Conker Games!


With a chill in the air, the second round of groups from year 3 started their Forest School sessions.  After a quick talk about what forest school is and what to expect, we got straight into our warm-up activity.  I introduced the group to bear, salmon, mosquito, which is an active take on rock, paper, scissors.  The groups did really well and enjoyed the game, getting warm and developing their communication skills, following instruction, and turn taking skills.


With a bag full of conkers, the groups were tasked with using palm drills to make a hole in a horse chestnut, then threading a piece of string and tying a 3-4 turn overhand knot.  The knotting and drilling would be good practice for an activity in a few weeks' time.  With their conkers ready, the children played a game of trying to knock their opponents' chestnut off the string.  This took some practice and the children were experimenting with different techniques to break the other conker and win!