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12th December 2023

Drilling experts!

As the year 3 groups were reaching the end of their forest school sessions, in their penultimate outing they were making their medals.  As the weather wasn’t great, we played a few rounds of conker detective under some shelter which got the children thinking about how to use non-verbal communication, passing the conker round the group without getting caught.

These groups already had some experience of using palm drills, so they made light work when making holes for their medals.  These groups were definitely the fastest ones when it came to making their holes in the wood.  As it’s close to Christmas, there were a number of festive designs as well as some abstract artistic designs.  There are 3 processes  to making the medals.  The children had to be creative with their design, follow the instructions closely and persevere when drilling their holes, and then use their fine motor skill and concentration when tying their two knots.  A simple, double overhand knot and a cow hitch.  Everyone completed the task and felt a sense of accomplishment with their end product.