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18th January 2024

Bow Saw Boffins

Today, the focus around the session was based on developing the skills for working well in a group or with a partner.  The session starter involved the children trying to get a hoop along a long piece of rope, from one end to the other.  The only 3 rules were the hoop couldn’t touch the floor, touch any hands or bodies, and it had to be done without spoken communication (the groups found not speaking the hardest part!)  The groups used a variety of different methods of achieving their goal, with the smaller numbered groups finding it the easiest to organise themselves.

After we had a talk about the skills they implemented for the starter, the main session began, which revolved around using a bow saw safely, to cut a piece of wood.  A tool talk was given to instruct the participants on the parts of a saw, how to carry and use it safely and how much distance each group needed.  Once the demonstration was complete, it was down to the children.  They all made nice neat cuts without the loss of any fingers!  We discussed how they felt before using the saws and their feelings afterwards.  Some said they felt nervous, scared, ready and focused before the activity, with a sense of achievement and confidence afterwards.  Great job year 5.