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7th March 2024

Sawing Superstars

Finally, there was some dry(er) weather for our forest school sessions today!  It really felt like the beginning of spring with the blossoms out and the buds starting to show on the hazel trees.   We started with the exercise of getting a ring along a rope without the ring touching the floor, without the ring touching a member of the team, and without any verbal communication.  As the exercise progressed, different modifiers were thrown in to increase the challenge.  The groups came up with a number of different solutions to achieve their aim.  There was lots of problem-solving and co-operation on show.  

The 3rd and 4th groups of year 5 children were becoming acquainted with the bow saw and how to use it safely to cut a thick branch. The main session was to safely cut a thick branch with a partner, or in a group of 3.  After the tool talk and demonstrations, it was time for the children to get to work.  There was a focus on working together as a team but also to have a leader that was to give instruction and guidance to the other participants.  The safest way for the group to work together, was for the person who was doing the sawing, to take the lead role and direct the others. 

There were some great observational skills on show too, as one of the groups noticed some strange-looking black lumps on one of the logs.  This is a fungus called King Alfred's cakes or coal fungus.  These small marks will grow into big round black growths that, when old and dry, can be broken up and used as tinder for fire lighting.  They’re called coal fungus because, surprise… they look like lumps of coal!  This was a great spot by the children as I hadn’t noticed them!  Great session year 5.