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19 October 2023

Birchwood medals!

To get everyone warmed up and ready for forest school, we played a game of conker detective where one child had to work out who had a conker that was being passed around the circle.  There was some great detective work, looking for clues but also some elements of trickery from those in the circle in an attempt to keep the conker hidden.  Lots of children hadn’t come across a conker before, so we discussed where they are found and how they are synonymous with the change between the seasons from summer to autumn.  

For the main session, the groups had a go at making their own medals or necklaces using silver birch rings and some coloured string.  The children were given some pens, and they got creative designing their medals.  We had lots of different creations, some used the theme of Halloween and made pumpkins.  There were natural pictures of trees, rainbows and leaves as well as more abstract, colourful designs.  The children were then given a tool talk on how to correctly and safely use a palm drill for making holes in their medals so they can be strung.  The children found the task harder than they thought, and it took a lot of perseverance and technique to drill their holes, but they found a real sense of accomplishment once they were done.  To attach a loop of string to their medal, the pupils used larks foot hitches, adding to their knowledge of knots.  If they wanted to, the children could proudly share their creations with the group.