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26th October 2023

Fire safety and our bright sparks sparking!

Today was the last session of the first set of Yr3 groups and, as promised, we looked at the basics of fire lighting and fire safety.  As the creeping foxes had been a big hit as a warm-up activity, the groups started with a few quick rounds of that.  The children remembered some of the creeping tactics that they learnt from the previous sessions.

The main part of the session revolved around fire.  We talked about how to stay safe around and everyone now knows the kneeling position to adopt around a fire.  There were lots of ideas as to what benefits a fire can provide, such as warmth, light, cooking for food and protection.  Before using the strikers, we talked about the fire triangle which consists of 3 elements needed to start a fire.  With much excitement, the children then attempted to create sparks using a ferro rod and striker.  Successfully using a ferro rod can be difficult, but with a lot of perseverance, everyone was able to throw a spark.  Once everyone had got the hang of creating a spark, we played a game of 5 in 5.  Each child had 5 attempts to get 5 successful strikes.  Everyone got at least 1 out of 5.  A number completed 5 out of 5.  Great job!