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13th Issue: 13th March 2024

In this week's issue, two Year 4 children interviewed some pupils from the Afterschool Club while Diana interviewed our student councellors. Adam reported on our child hero of the week: Ryan Hickman, who started recycling since he was 3 years old! Seerat reported on Semana Santa (the holy week), Lent and Ramadan. 

Mother's day by Rana 5ZR: 

Mother’s Day is a very special day for mothers because it is a time when their children can show their love and gratitude.


The Nature ambassadors were selling daffodils for Mother’s Day last week.

In some countries, they celebrate Mother’s Day on other dates:

In France, Mother’s Day is 26th May 2024.

In the USA, it is on the 12th of May 2024.