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14th Issue: 22nd March 2024

In our latest issue, Jan and Chaima from Year 4 present some historical information and interesting facts about Easter and the children's favourite: the Easter Egg hunt! Did you know Queen Victoria loved Easter egg hunts? Prince Albert and Queen Victoria favoured this German tradition that brought many children so much joy.

Seerat from 6VD talks about the International Day of happiness, while Adam from 6VD presents our Child Hero of the week: Thandiwe Chama- she was 8 years old when her school was forced to close because of the death of many teachers. She motivated 60 other children to participate in a march to another school, to claim their right to education and ask to be admitted there. Vlad from 5AI wrote about the 'fire-bellied' toad - our animal of the week, while Ziad from 6DC discusses the importance of homework!