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17th Issue: 3rd May 2024

Did you know that in Mexico, there is a celebration for the 5th of May? On Saturday 4th of May, we are celebrating free comic book day (FCBD), go visit your local retailers for a free comic. On the 5th of May, we are also celebrating World Laughter Day!  In this issue, we have an interview with some of our Year 6 and their teacher, Mrs Dodds about the upcoming SATs!

This week we’ve asked the Year 6 children how they are feeling and some have said that they are nervous (which is reasonable) and some are slightly panicking, they don’t want to disappoint their teachers.

Some have said that “I’ve been told that I have to believe in myself and succeed”, and others have piped in, “We are learning about ratios, and, honesty, no, it is not easy!”