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15/7/23 Roman Lunt Fort-Yr4 Trip

History Comes alive!

Year 4 Visit to Lunt Fort

Year 4 visited Lunt Fort, an archaeological site of a Roman fort in Coventry. The visit was designed to consolidate their learning at school about the Roman occupation of Britain.

The pupils started their day by watching a short film about the history of the fort. They then went on a guided tour of the site, where they saw the remains of the fort's walls, towers, and gates. They also learnt about the different types of buildings that were found in a Roman fort, such as the barracks, the headquarters, and the hospital.

In the afternoon, the pupils took part in a number of activities to help them learn more about Roman life. They dressed up in Roman clothes, made Roman pottery, and played Roman games. They also had the opportunity to talk to a Roman soldier and learn about his weapons and armour.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Lunt Fort. They learnt a lot about the Roman occupation of Britain and had a great time taking part in the activities.