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Art Zone

At Nelson Primary School, we envision art as a powerful tool to enrich the lives of our children, encouraging them to become responsible and active citizens of the world. Our core belief is that art serves as a bridge between cultures, a window into history, and a channel for personal expression. Our vision for teaching art is centred around:


  • Cultural Awareness: Our art curriculum is designed to broaden pupils' horizons by exploring art across different cultures and time periods. By delving into the rich tapestry of global artistic expressions, we aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for diversity.

  • Empathy and Artistic Intent: Through the study of art, we encourage our young learners to develop empathy towards the artistic intent of creators. This not only connects them with the emotions and ideas behind each artwork but also nurtures their ability to understand and respect diverse perspectives.

  • Creative Empowerment: We empower our children to unlock their creative potential and express themselves through art. By providing a nurturing environment for self-expression, we aim to help each child discover and develop their unique artistic voice.

Our art curriculum is carefully crafted to bring our vision to life. It is a roadmap that guides our pupils in exploring art's historical and cultural significance while honing their artistic skills. The curriculum's key features include:



  • Historical and Cultural Exploration: In our art lessons, we take pupils on a captivating journey through time and across geographical contexts. Through the lens of art, we aim to deepen their understanding of history, culture, and the powerful interplay between them.

  • Technical Proficiency: Our young artists are equipped with the tools and techniques to master the art of creation. We build

    a strong foundation by teaching various artistic skills and processes, allowing children to bring their ideas to life through their own artwork.

  • Subject-Specific Vocabulary: Emphasising the importance of art-related vocabulary, we enable children to engage in meaningful discussions and interpretations of artworks. This deepens their connection with the art community and nurtures critical thinking skills.

  • Real-World Exposure: Located in the heart of our city, Nelson Primary School benefits from its proximity to the Birmingham Art Gallery Museum. This invaluable resource grants our pupils the opportunity to experience high-quality art first-hand, fostering empathy and helping them connect with the world's evolving human experience.

  • Cultivating Well-Rounded Individuals: Our art program serves as a platform for self-expression, cultural understanding, and artistic refinement. We aim to nurture creativity, encourage exploration, and deepen the appreciation for art, empowering our pupils to become well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of their artistic identity.