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Assemblies /Collective Worship

Assemblies Statement


In our school assemblies, we celebrate more than just academic achievement. While strong academic aspirations for our pupils is recognised, our awards are guided by a broader vision. We believe in applauding the diverse efforts and qualities that contribute to a well-rounded individual and future responsible citizen.

Here's what truly shines in our awards:

  • Commitment and effort: Going above and beyond, showing consistent dedication and improvement
  • Embracing our core values: Demonstrating capability, compassion, independence, high aspirations, and skills for active citizenship.
  • Positive choices and contributions: Making a difference in the classroom, community, or their own personal growth.
  • Overcoming challenges: Showing resilience, perseverance, and a positive attitude in the face of difficulties.


Our Assemblies

Merit Assemblies: Every week, our phase leaders gather pupils together in the main hall to celebrate their accomplishments. Two pupils from each class are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate for their outstanding work, improved attitude towards learning, or for going the extra mile. This weekly merit assembly serves as a platform to recognise and applaud the efforts of our pupils who consistently demonstrate excellence and dedication, and who are making steps towards self-improvement. During these assemblies, attendance figures are also shared, and any children who have earned a trackit light certificate will also be awarded these.  (Held Weekly)


Independent learning award: This is an award we give to children that put a lot of effort into independent / home learning. (Held termly)







Vision award - 'capable'. This award is given to pupils who are nominated for demonstrating high standards in a particular subject.(Held termly)







Vision award - 'compassion'. This award is given to pupils who are nominated by a teacher for showing exceptional compassion and kindness.  (Held termly)







Attendance Award Assembly: Children who have 100% or 95% attendance are recognised each half-term and awarded with a certificate for good attendance.  (Held termly)










Singing Assemblies: Will hold singing assemblies every other week for KS1 and KS2. We follow the sing-up curriculum. 

Sing Up’s is an online platform and resources we use are designed to engage our young singers and help support our pupils' singing skills, musical understanding, confidence and self-esteem.  (Held fortnightly)






Weekly Picture News Assemblies: These assemblies are led by teachers in KS1, and by pupils nominated as "Nelson Picture News Leaders" who plan and deliver these assemblies to their classes. These assemblies encourage children to express their feelings about current affairs, link stories to British Values and have a weekly link to UNICEF's "Articles of the child".  (Held Weekly)