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Attendance and Punctuality


Prioritising Your Child's Education: A Message on Punctuality and Attendance

Why Regular Attendance Matters:

Regular attendance is vital for the success of our pupils. It ensures that they can consistently access lessons, engage in activities, and complete work, contributing to academic achievement. Beyond academics, attending school regularly helps pupils develop social skills, build relationships, and establish important routines and discipline. It maximises learning opportunities, prevents gaps in understanding, and prepares children for future responsibilities. Moreover, regular attendance fosters a sense of community and team spirit, contributing to a positive learning environment. It also allows teachers to assess progress accurately, provide timely support, and comply with legal requirements. Ultimately, attendance is not only beneficial for pupils but also for the school community and its resources.


Our Understanding:

We understand that various factors can contribute to poor punctuality and attendance, and we encourage parents to openly communicate any difficulties they may be facing. Recognising that ill health is often unavoidable, we appreciate the realities of children falling ill from time to time. While we acknowledge that children may occasionally feel a bit under the weather, we encourage parents to consider keeping them off school only when genuinely unwell. Similar to adults who push through slight discomfort to meet responsibilities, we believe that timely medical attention, when needed, ensures your child receives the necessary care promptly and can return to school quickly. 



Moreover, ensuring your child gets sufficient sleep is crucial for their overall well-being and academic success. A good night's sleep enhances their ability to focus, learn, and actively participate in the school day. Leaving the house early in the morning is equally vital; it sets a positive tone for the day and helps avoid unnecessary stress.

Why We Prioritise Attendance:

  1. Avoiding Learning Gaps: Regular attendance ensures that children do not miss out on valuable learning experiences. Consistency in attendance is key to academic progress.

  2. Fostering Friendships: Being present at school allows children to participate in play, activities, and build lasting friendships. These experiences contribute significantly to their social development.

Celebrating Attendance:

  1. School Assemblies: We celebrate attendance achievements in our weekly merit assemblies, recognising the efforts of both individual pupils and entire classes.

  2. Attendance Display: Visit our hall to see our vibrant attendance display, highlighting class attendance and fostering a sense of friendly competition amongst classes.

  3. Headteacher Newsletter: Our fortnightly Headteacher newsletter prominently features attendance highlights, reinforcing the importance we place on regular attendance.

A Shared Responsibility:

In partnership with parents, we strive to create an environment where your child thrives both academically and personally. Let's work together to instil resilience in our children and ensure they don't miss out on the opportunities that regular school attendance provides.