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English Zone

We aim to foster a love for reading, effective communication, and the ability to write at a high standard.

At Nelson Primary School, our vision for the English curriculum is deeply rooted in our commitment to creating responsible, active citizens with high academic and social aspirations. We believe in delivering an English curriculum that not only enhances language development but also empowers pupils to speak, listen, read, and write with confidence. This vision aligns seamlessly with our broader school intent, promoting social mobility and equipping pupils with essential life skills.

1. Developing Language Skills: Our primary goal is to enhance children's language development to foster effective communication. We recognise the importance of instilling confidence in pupils, enabling them to express their emotions and ideas with clarity. By focusing on speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we aim to equip pupils with life-long skills essential for academic success and effective communication.

2. Addressing Disadvantage: Many of our pupils face the challenge of English as an additional language with limited English spoken at home. To address this disadvantage, our curriculum places emphasis on teaching grammatically correct sentences and exposing children to a wide range of vocabulary. We believe that this approach not only benefits EAL pupils but also supports disadvantaged pupils who may struggle with language skills.

3. High-Quality Talk and Vocabulary: We promote high-quality talk by encouraging the use and discussion of subject-specific vocabulary. Reading texts to children is a crucial part of this process, aiming to expand both Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary. Through diverse book selections, teachers contribute to the development of vocabulary that extends beyond the spoken language.

Our intent for teaching English at Nelson Primary School is driven by the overarching goal of providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond literacy skills. We aim to foster a love for reading, effective communication, and the ability to write at a high standard. This intent aligns with our school's curriculum intent, ensuring that pupils develop a solid understanding of English that serves as a foundation for future success.

1. Reading for Pleasure: We actively encourage reading for pleasure, both during school time and beyond. Children have access to a class library and are given home-reading tasks three times a week. Immersion in high-quality texts continues through reading chapter books as a whole class in Key Stage 2, promoting a love for reading and expanding vocabulary.

2. Talk for Writing Scheme: The Talk for Writing scheme is instrumental in allowing children to rehearse texts orally, use new words in context, and explore different genres. Through this approach, children gain exposure to varied vocabulary, understand text structures, and develop the skills of formal and informal language.

3. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation (SPAG): Key skills in spelling, grammar, and punctuation are actively taught through dedicated SPAG lessons and incorporated into daily activities. We aim to ensure that children can apply these skills effectively in their writing, fostering confidence and enhancing the quality of their work.

4. Lifelong Enjoyment of English: English is integrated into every lesson we teach, ensuring that our curriculum aligns with the challenge and depth of the National Curriculum. Clear expectations for each year group guide teachers and pupils towards achieving defined standards and challenging themselves further. We aim to instil in pupils a lifelong enjoyment of the subject, motivating them to pursue further studies and successful careers.

5. Developing Lifelong Skills: Our curriculum is planned and sequenced to build knowledge and skills progressively, allowing children to access other parts of the curriculum with confidence. English writing, reading, speaking, and listening are not just academic skills but life skills that children carry with them beyond school, contributing to their success in future endeavours.