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French Zone

Nelson’s curriculum intent is ‘to create responsible, active citizens, while promoting high academic and social aspirations’  Linked to this is the French core concept: Being able to communicate effectively in a world of electronic media and ever closer global links.

At Nelson, children begin to learn the French language in LKS2. Our vision for the French language is clear: we aim to provide every child with quality first teaching that not only equips them with the skills to converse fluently with others but also enriches their understanding of the world. Learning French at Nelson is not just about acquiring language skills; it is about building cultural capital throughout our school.


At our primary school, we are committed to preparing our children for the ever-changing, interconnected world of electronic media and ever closer global links. We believe that effective communication is essential, and one of the key ways we empower our children to thrive in this environment is by providing them with a high-quality French curriculum. Our goal is to instil a passion for language learning and inspire them to explore, embrace, and celebrate diverse cultures.

Our curriculum is designed with a clear intent. We want our children to develop a fresh and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own culture and those of others. Through language learning, they will gain insights into how languages work, make connections between different languages, and explore the differences and similarities between French, English, and other languages.


Why French Begins in Year 3

The introduction of the French language into our curriculum begins in Year 3. We believe that starting French at this stage is developmentally appropriate and provides children with a solid foundation. At this age, children are not only receptive to new languages but also enthusiastic about exploring new horizons. By the time they reach the end of Year 6, they will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to progress confidently to Key Stage 3.

Key Features of Our Curriculum

  1. Progressive Learning: Our curriculum is designed to be taught progressively, ensuring that children build a strong foundation in French. As they progress through each year group, their skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar continue to grow.

  2. Phonetic Connections: To aid their learning, each year group explores a set of grapheme-phoneme correspondences that directly relate to the vocabulary covered in the units.

  3. Language Angels Online Learning Programme: We use the Language Angels online learning programme to help deliver our French lessons. This platform ensures high-quality French provision throughout Key Stage 2.

  4. Assessment: Assessments are an integral part of our curriculum. We use target sheets to monitor pupils' progress within each unit and conduct end-of-unit assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching and the children's learning.

  5. Cultural Enrichment: We firmly believe that cultural capital is essential for our children. To this end, we offer experiences that go beyond the classroom. Our annual French-themed day allows each class to explore a specific cultural focus, sharing their findings through collaborative displays and our social media pages.

  6. Theatre Performances: We enhance the learning experience by inviting theatre companies to perform in the target language. These performances provide children with a unique opportunity to hear and use French in real-life contexts