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Music Zone


At Nelson Primary School, our music curriculum is guided by a clear vision aimed at instilling a love of music, fostering creativity, and building cultural capital in our pupils. We aspire to create an environment where children can freely express themselves and develop essential skills as they progress through their musical journey.

Our curriculum is designed to facilitate the continuous development of musical skills, ensuring a structured progression from foundation to key stage two. We believe that a strong foundation in musical education lays the groundwork for a lifetime of musical exploration.

We are committed to a school to providing our children with a diverse and enriching musical education. By exposing them to a wide range of musical experiences, we aim to enhance their cultural capital, offering opportunities that extend beyond the classroom and contribute to their overall life experiences.


Our intent for teaching music at Nelson Primary School extends beyond the classroom, aiming to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary for future opportunities and experiences. We are dedicated to fostering a life-long love of music, addressing social disadvantages, and actively engaging families in their children's musical learning.

1. Life-Long Love of Music: The primary goal of our music education is to instil a life-long love of music in our pupils. Through exposure to diverse musical styles and cultures, we aim to nurture a deep appreciation for the art form, enriching their lives beyond the academic setting.

2. Exceeding in Life: We believe that a robust music education contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals. By providing opportunities for our pupils to engage with music in diverse ways, we empower them to exceed in life, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy.

3. Addressing Social Disadvantage: Recognising the social challenges faced by a significant portion of our pupils, we actively address social disadvantage by exposing them to enriching opportunities both within and outside the school environment. These experiences broaden their horizons and open doors to possibilities they may not have otherwise encountered.

4. Community Engagement: We actively engage families in their children's musical learning, creating a collaborative approach to education. This involvement extends beyond the classroom, offering families opportunities to expand their own cultural horizons alongside their children.

5. Local Partnerships: Leveraging our locality, we maintain strong links with institutions such as the Town Hall, Symphony Hall, CBSO, Repertory Theatre, and Crescent Theatre. Collaborations with the Music Service enhance our pupils' musical experiences, while key events like The Generation Ladywood Showcase and excursions to Symphony Hall inspire a sense of belonging and pride amongst our students. Even more recently, we have formed a partnership with Ex Cathedra Vocal Academy, who use our premises on Saturdays to run their club, and have allowed our pupils to take part for free!