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News & Notices

Welcome to Nelson Primary School: Your Source for News and Notices

At Nelson Primary School, we value effective communication as a cornerstone of a thriving school community. Stay informed and connected through our regular updates and announcements on our website and Marvellous Me- push notifications, or take a trip over to our Youtube Channel to see the latest school and goat videos. 

Headteacher's Fortnightly Newsletter

Our Headteacher's Newsletter is your go-to source for the latest insights, achievements, and important updates from Nelson Primary School. Published every fortnight, it provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting happenings within our school community. 


Notices: Your Quick Reference Guide

For quick access to important notices and announcements, head over to the left side of this page. Our notices are organised by half-terms, making it easy for you to locate the information you need.

How to Navigate:

  • Click on the respective half-term link.
  • Explore the notices for essential information.
  • Old news from the previous academic year can be found in "Archives Stories"

We believe that well-informed parents contribute to a successful learning environment. Thank you for being an active part of the Nelson community.

Remember, communication is key, and at Nelson, we are committed to keeping you in the loop.