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Our PSHE curriculum at Nelson Primary School is designed to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to become responsible, active citizens who are capable of making positive choices in their lives. This is particularly important for many of our pupils who live in the Ladywood area, which is known for high levels of deprivation and crime. Our aim is to empower our pupils to make good decisions that protect themselves and the world around them, while also preparing them for positive, healthy relationships in the future.

The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the changing needs of our pupils and the wider community. We provide a safe space for pupils to openly share their ideas and consider alternatives, using debating skills to confidently articulate their thoughts and challenge opposing beliefs. Our curriculum also includes 'dilemma based learning', which encourages pupils to consider the consequences of their actions and make thoughtful decisions.

We cover a range of important topics, including the correct language to use when communicating thoughts and feelings, as well as difficult subjects such as FGM and Islamophobia. We also link our lessons to Children's Rights and challenge stereotypes around topics such as gender equality, disability, and racism. By doing so, we aim to teach our pupils to see what unites them rather than focus on differences that could divide them.

At Nelson Primary School, we believe that academic grades alone are not enough for our pupils. Our PSHE curriculum provides them with the necessary tools to stay focused on their education and avoid anti-social behaviour or law-breaking, which can be tempting when living in poverty. We aim to create well-rounded individuals who can make a positive contribution to society and navigate the rapidly changing world we live in today.