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Physical Education Zone


It is our intent that the teaching of PE at Nelson will lead pupils to have a positive lifelong relationship with physical activity.

At Nelson Primary School, our vision for Physical Education (PE) extends beyond physical activity. We are dedicated to nurturing a lifelong appreciation for physical well-being and mental health amongst our pupils. Our curriculum is designed to develop fundamental movement skills, enablingour pupils to  confidently participate in a variety of sports as they progress into Key Stage 2. We firmly believe that physical activity positively impacts their lives, providing support for both their physical and mental well-being.

Our PE curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to enrich our children's physical education journey. We have structured activities at lunchtimes, led by a PE specialist, creating an environment that promotes skill development, enjoyment, and engagement beyond the classroom. These sessions offer a valuable opportunity for pupils to actively play and establish a positive relationship with physical activity.

As part of our commitment to physical well-being, we have introduced a Mile Walking Track around our school field. This initiative encourages our pupils to engage in regular physical activity during break times, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The track is designed to make physical activity more accessible and enjoyable for our students, helping them stay active and fit while also fostering social interaction.

In addition to our curriculum, we provide a plethora of after-school sports clubs, including dance and a variety of other sports. These clubs offer diverse options that allow our pupils to explore their interests and passions. The clubs not only enhance their physical skills but also encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. They are an extension of our commitment to fostering a positive relationship with physical activity and well-rounded development.

We recognise the importance of water safety and pupils' ability to swim. Pupils in Year 3 participate in Intensive swimming Lessons during the year. These lessons equip them with essential swimming skills and water safety knowledge. In Year 6, additional swimming lessons are provided to ensure that our pupils not only meet but exceed national curriculum expectations. This year we have hired an on-site swimming pool along with qualified instructors to ensure that children are engaged with a intensive swimming instruction experience. 

Our PE lessons are characterised by pupils experiencing challenge and success while actively participating. We prioritise practical engagement and active learning, where pupils can articulate their progress and are offered leadership opportunities. This approach aligns with our ethos, where pupils have the experience of both winning and losing in a non-threatening environment, developing crucial life skills for coping with challenges.