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Picture News Assembly Leaders

Meet Our Picture News Leaders!

We're so proud of our fantastic Picture News Leaders! These dedicated pupils from year 3-5 are just like mini-teachers, planning and delivering exciting assemblies about current events to their classmates. Miss Davy helps lead the LKS2 team, and Miss Z Richards leads the UKS2 team.

Inspired by the News

Our Picture News Leaders use materials and resources from Picture News to select weekly topical stories that spark curiosity and discussion. They don't just report the news – they encourage their peers to think critically, ask questions, and share their own perspectives.

Building Future Leaders

These assemblies aren't just about current affairs. Our Picture News Leaders skilfully connect the news to the core British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect. They help their classmates understand how these values play out in real-world situations.


Picture News Assembly Leaders 2024
Year 3

Junayd, Lana, Abubaker and  Maryam, 

Year 4

Mahsin, Mohammad J, Sai and Darya

Year 5

Fatma, Joshua, Jake and Motman.