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Subject Ambassadors

At Nelson Primary School, we believe in empowering our pupils and providing them with a platform to actively contribute to the shaping of their educational experience. Our School Ambassadors play a vital role in this process, specifically as Subject Ambassadors.

What is the Role of Subject Ambassadors?

Subject Ambassadors at Nelson Primary School act as the voice of the pupil body in determining how various curriculum subjects are taught across the school. They meet termly with our subject leaders, engaging in constructive discussions about what is working well within their specific subject area and areas that could be improved.

These Ambassadors serve as the crucial link between their classmates and our subject leaders, ensuring that the perspectives and opinions of every pupil are considered. During these meetings, Subject Ambassadors actively communicate the views of their peers, facilitating a collaborative and inclusive approach to curriculum development.

Active Participation and Engagement:

Our Subject Ambassadors go beyond the classroom. They accompany leaders on learning walks and many assist in monitoring work across the school. This hands-on experience allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their chosen subject is being taught throughout the school. This insight equips them to make more informed contributions during their termly discussions, fostering a dynamic and responsive curriculum.

Selection Criteria:

Subject Ambassadors are selected based on their passion for the curriculum area and the dedication they have demonstrated, as recognised by their teachers. This ensures that our Ambassadors are not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic advocates for their chosen subjects. Children go through an application process at the start of the year and this is also subject to a brief interview. 

Ambassador Role and Expectations:

Our Ambassadors undertake a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Serving as spokespersons for their subjects during school visits and meetings with governors or pupil voice interviews.
  • Articulating updates and developments within their subjects to visitors and the school community.
  • Regularly attending subject leaders' meetings to stay informed and contribute to ongoing discussions.
  • Acting as learning detectives by monitoring and identifying exemplary examples of their subject across the school.

Team Collaboration:

At Nelson Primary School, our pupils are organised into teams representing every subject. These teams meet regularly to discuss what's working well and how they envision future learning experiences. Through classroom visits, book reviews, and feedback sessions with staff, our ambassadors play a pivotal role in amplifying the pupil voice at every stage of their learning journey.