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The DLP Project-Led by Miss Forrest

This video, produced by Miss Forrest features and documents the experience of a collection of fourteen Ladywood schools that are working as part of the Ladywood DLP project, which aims to improve the quality of education for children with communication and language needs in mainstream schools.

Impact of the project so far

The Ladywood DLP project works by providing specialists who offer practical support and guidance to teachers, children, and parents. These specialists have helped with planning, training, and modelling strategies for children with communication and language needs. Additionally, they have assisted in setting up mainstream school resource-based facilities that are flexible and accessible. The project has been incredibly helpful for schools dealing with an increased influx of children with complex and additional needs, especially during the pandemic. The project has equipped staff to support these challenging needs and allow the children to flourish in a mainstream setting. Part of the funding for the project supports a worker who visits schools weekly to provide support and expertise for teachers, children, and parents.